Yesterday marked the end of this year’s wildland fire season and it unlike anything this province experienced in over a decade, says the MNRF.

After thousands of hours of intense, dangerous work by firefighters and hundreds of millions of dollars spent to combat the flames, one of the largest forest fires in Ontario in 2018 has been declared “out,” according to AFFES (Aviation Forest Fire and Emergency Services).

Fire Parry Sound 33, discovered on July 18 and measuring over 11,000 hectares is officially out and there are no longer any active forest fires in Ontario. With more than 1,000 wildland fires in central and northern Ontario, 2018 was one of the busiest fire seasons in the province’s history.

“We recognized the real threat these fires posed to the public, and to the communities and private property in the affected areas, and we took action to respond immediately,” said Jeff Yurek, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry.

To meet this challenge, Yurek says the government has provided an additional $100 million in funding to successfully combat these blazes and keep Ontarians safe.

The Minister is grateful for the provinces and territories, Parks Canada, the United States and Mexico who joined the fight against Ontario’s fires.

“This was a challenging season, but I am proud to report, all active fires are officially out thanks to the hard work of our brave frontline crews. Their dedication, courage and perseverance kept affected communities safe,” said Yurek, and our government’s “continued commitment and support gave firefighters on the ground and in the air what they needed to get the job done safely and successfully.”