Wynne Government Understates Deficit by Billions


April 25, 2018

Wynne Government Understates Deficit by Billions

Queen’s Park- Today, the Auditor General released a pre-election report on the government’s budget numbers. The report found that Ontario’s deficit is actually $11.7 billion, 75 per cent larger than the Liberals would have you believe.

“Once again we’re reminded that this Liberal government will say and do anything in an effort to cling to power,” said Elgin-Middlesex-London MPP Jeff Yurek. “This government is cooking the books in an effort to keep the people of Ontario in the dark.”
In her report, the Auditor General’s stated; “We concluded that the Pre-election Report is not a reasonable presentation of Ontario’s finances … resulting in understated deficits.” The auditor projects that deficit to be 85% higher at $12.2 billion, and 92% higher in 2020-21 — $12.5 billion rather than $6.5 billion as announced in the budget.

“The Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford has committed to a full audit of the government’s books to restore responsibility, accountability, and trust in government,” said Yurek. “It will give us the opportunity to finally see just how much damage this government has done to the province’s finances.”