Wynne Government Failing to Support Organizations Helping Human Sex Trafficking Victims


February 21, 2018

Wynne Government Failing to Support Organizations Helping Human Sex Trafficking Victims

QUEEN’S PARK – Today, MPP Jeff Yurek and MPP Laurie Scott were joined by Farmtown Canada to address the issue of human sex trafficking in Ontario, which is a major hub for one of Canada’s fastest-growing crimes. In particular, they spoke to the lack of government resources being allocated to front-line organizations.

Only 25% of available funding has been allocated to the front-line community organizations that are best placed to help survivors.

“While the government likes to make announcements boasting of new investments to fight sex trafficking, the reality on the ground is very different,” said MPP Yurek. “Organizations located in my riding of Elgin-Middlesex-London, such as Farmtown Canada, haven’t received any of the $18 million promised to front-line organizations,” Yurek continued.

“I was shocked to hear the government blame this situation on process issues. The truth is, the government has not made enough funding available to help care for victims who are minors,” said Kelly Franklin, Executive Director of Farmtown Canada. “My organization was not consulted by the government on where funding needs to be allocated. We were left in the dark about the application process to receive funding, and when we reached out to them we were told nothing more could be done for us,” concluded Ms. Franklin.

“I hear the same story everywhere I go,” added MPP Scott. “People are asking; where is the funding this government promised to help victims of trafficking and sexual violence?”

Both MPP Yurek and MPP Scott are calling on the Wynne government to engage directly with organizations on the ground and to support their important work to help survivors.

Video: https://youtu.be/S6FXr_rkR8I