Glanworth Bridge Saved!

February 2, 2018

Glanworth Bridge Saved!

ST. THOMAS Last night the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) unveiled updated designs for the interchange on Highway 4 at Highway 401. Previous plans called for the removal of the Glanworth Bridge, which served as a thruway for agricultural equipment. The Glanworth Bridge’s primary purpose was to offer an alternative roadway for oversized farm vehicles instead of the area’s busy highways.

Working together, MPP Jeff Yurek, farmers, the agricultural industry and local community members called on the government to review their decision based on the fact the MTO failed to consult with area residents.

“I am thankful our community rallied together to pressure the Government to retain the Glanworth Bridge. I believe the new design ensures the safe movement of our agricultural produce. Large farm equipment will stay off our busy highways and keep our motorists and those operating farm equipment safe.” stated MPP Jeff Yurek.

“It is disappointing the Liberal government originally went ahead with the original designs without consulting with area residents and those who use Glanworth Drive. Money and time would have been saved if they had properly consulted from the beginning. I hope they have learned their lesson” noted Yurek

After public review of the new designs, the Ministry of Transportation will finalize the plan for the redesign of the interchange.