Wynne Government Accepts PC Health Critic Recommendations

Wynne Government Accepts PC Health Critic Recommendations

Police Officer and Firefighters to receive life-saving Naloxone

Queen’s Park— Today, after months of pressure from the Ontario PCs and Health Critic Jeff Yurek, the Wynne government has finally agreed to include police and firefighters in their opioid crisis strategy.

“Police officers and firefighters are often first to find those who have overdosed, and run the risk of inadvertently ingesting the illicit drugs during their duty placing their lives at risk,” said Yurek. “That’s why we found it troubling the Wynne government chose to wait so long to provide assistance to them in purchasing the life-saving drug naloxone,” Yurek continued.

For months, the Ontario PCs have been pressuring the Liberal government to include first responders that were originally ignored in the government’s opioid crisis announcement. The growing risk of accidental exposure and lack of provincial support left many police and firefighter services struggling to find money to equip their officers with this life-saving treatment. It created a two-tiered system in the province where some had access to naloxone, and others do not.

“Fortunately the government could no longer turn a blind eye to growing pressure and has finally come to its senses before we had another unneeded tragedy on our hands,” said Yurek. “It shouldn’t take months of opposition pressure and public outcry for a government to make a sensible decision that could save lives,” Yurek concluded.