Lowering Hydro Bills for Ontario Families


November 29, 2017

Lowering Hydro Bills for Ontario Families

Patrick Brown and the Ontario PCs will make life more affordable for families by lowering hydro bills by an additional 12%

St. Thomas – Today Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, outlined his plan to lower the average hydro bill by an additional 12%.“Under Kathleen Wynne’s watch, families are struggling to pay their hydro bills,” said Brown. “We need to do better on hydro. Ontario families need a hydro bill they can afford. The Ontario PCs will deliver much-needed hydro relief to families by lowering the average hydro bill by an additional 12%.”

Hydro rates have tripled under Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals. Families pay $1,000 more than they did in 2003.

“The hard-earned money of Ontario families is being used to pay off a network of well-connected donors and insiders who have gamed the system with the help of Kathleen Wynne,” said MPP Jeff Yurek. “They shouldn’t be paying more so that Kathleen Wynne’s friends can get rich.”

The Wynne Liberals have accepted $1.3 million in donations from companies who received thousands of energy contracts. According to the Auditor General, these sweetheart deals have resulted in families paying $9.2 billion more than necessary. Kathleen Wynne also sold off publicly owned Hydro One in a fire sale to reward her donors and friends.

“Under our plan the average household will save $173 a year on their hydro bill. We will provide real, lasting relief,” said Yurek. “That’s real help, delivered right on your hydro bill. That’s real change that works for families.”

12% more off your hydro bill is one of five key measures included in the Ontario PC Party’s plan to get Ontario back on track, called the People’s Guarantee. Additional measures in the People’s Guarantee include:

  • 22.5% lower income taxes for the middle class
  • 75% refund for child care expenses
  • The largest mental health commitment in Canadian provincial history
  • The first-ever Trust, Integrity and Accountability Act