Government Fails to Deliver on Palliative Care


November 27, 2017

Government Fails to Deliver on Palliative Care

Queen’s Park – PC Health Critic, Jeff Yurek grilled the government on its failure to achieve its own palliative care goals.

“This is just another example of this government continuing to make promises of expanding access to care, but never following through,” said PC Health Critic Jeff Yurek.

Internal documents obtained through a Freedom of Information request, show the government will fall 35 per cent short of its own goal of expanding hospice access. Ontario currently needs 1,300 hospice and palliative care beds, but as of now only 341 of these beds are available in the province.

Health Quality Ontario has echoed these concerns and has estimated that only about 30% of patients get the palliative care they should – a number that will only grow due to a rapidly aging population.

“Due to this government’s waste and mismanagement, patients across the province are not receiving the proper care they need, and go without palliative care,” said Yurek. “Unfortunately, instead of taking concreate action, this government continues to fail to deliver on their empty promises,” Yurek concluded.