Wynne Government Making Inaccurate OHIP Plus Claims


November 21, 2017

Wynne Government Making Inaccurate OHIP Plus Claims

Queen’s Park- Today, PC Health Critic, MPP Jeff Yurek questioned the Minister of Health and Long Term Care on inaccurate statements made by Liberal MPP Daiene Vernile in committee.

During General Government committee the Member from Kitchener-Centre made claims the drug for Cystic Fibrosis, Orkambi would be covered under OHIP Plus. This of course was proven to be false, as there haven’t been negotiations for the drug at the Pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance in 2 years — a process that needs to be completed prior to having the drug covered.

“This government and its Members continue to make announcements about OHIP Plus giving hope to many suffering from rare diseases or cancer. MPP Vernile should do the right thing, come clean, and correct her record at committee,” stated MPP Yurek.

During the exchange in Question Period, Minister Hoskins was unable to provide an answer and confirm if Orkambi would be covered under OHIP Plus, contrary to what the MPP for Kitchener-Centre had claimed.

“Claims like MPP Vernile’s are what happen when you write policy on the back of a napkin. Either the government has no idea what will be covered under their plan, or they’re promising drugs they know will not be covered in an effort to gain support,” said Yurek.

“This is just another example of a how untrustworthy and desperate the Wynne government has become. They will say anything in an attempt to be re-elected,” Yurek concluded.


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