Statement on Small Business Week

The following is a statement from the PC Critic of Health Jeff Yurek on Statement on Small Business Week:

“This week in October is recognized as Small Business Week.

Small businesses in Ontario are the backbone of our economy — creating and providing jobs to our local communities, driving innovation, and helping us grow. They make up 98 per cent of all Ontario businesses and represent 30 per cent of the province’s GDP.

These businesses bring an unrivalled passion in seeing their local communities and their neighborhoods grow. They sponsor our little league teams and line our Main St, contributing to our community’s unique identity.

They provide jobs for over 3 million Ontarians and represent over two-thirds of the private sector workforce.

Unfortunately, certain policies introduced by the Wynne government are making it harder for small business to succeed and grow. The government should instead be focused on bringing down the cost of doing business in Ontario through regulatory reform and affordable energy. Only then can we ensure small business growth and prosperity for regions like Elgin-Middlesex-London.

I would like to commend the hard work of all the small business operators in Elgin-Middlesex-London, and across Ontario.”