World Mental Health Day


October 10th, 2017

World Mental Health Day

The following is a statement from the PC Health Critic Jeff Yurek on World Mental Health Day:

“Today we recognize World Mental Health Day and the importance of ending the stigma associated with mental illness. The Ontario PC Party believes that the government needs to recognize that mental health is just as important as physical health.

This year’s theme focuses on improving mental health in the workplace. Ontarians spend the majority of their time in their workplaces and toxic work environments can lead to poor mental and physical health, increased substance abuse, and loss of productivity.

It is important for employers to understand the importance of mental health in the workplace and that healthy positive work environments will lead to an employee’s improved mental health and productively.

On the behalf of the Ontario PC Party I would like to commend the numerous organizations and frontline workers that raise awareness and work to provide equitable access to mental health services.”