Statement on Mental Illness Awareness Week




October 4th, 2017

Statement on Mental Illness Awareness Week

The following is a statement from the PC Critic of Health Jeff Yurek on Mental Illness Awareness Week:

“This week in October we recognize Mental Illness Awareness.

Established in 1992, Mental Illness Awareness Week provides an opportunity for Ontarians to learn and discuss mental health illness and promote recovery.

Affecting one in five Canadians, mental illness is a leading cause of disability in Canada.

One of the major initiatives in support of this important week is the Faces of Mental Illness campaign. This national campaign consists of stories of Canadians that are living in recovery from mental illness.

The campaign will reach hundreds of organizations across Canada with the goals of raising awareness and ending the stigma attached to mental illness.

The Ontario PC Party believes that mental health is just as important as physical health.  And raising awareness and ending the stigma is an important first step.

I commend the numerous organizations, health care professionals, and volunteers on providing leadership and increasing the awareness of mental illness. Unfortunately, our government is failing those suffering with mental illness.

Right now one in five children and youth in Ontario experience some form of mental health problem at any given time, and many cannot access the care they need in a reasonable amount of time. Many face wait times of over 18 months for care. If a child broke their leg or had cancer, the public would be outraged if the wait time was the same.

The government needs to act to return equality to our healthcare system, ensuring access to care for all, regardless if it’s physical or mental health.

The PC Party will continue to advocate for better mental illness support and care in our province.