Wynne Government Continues its Attack on Doctors




September 13, 2017


Wynne Government Continues its Attack on Doctors

Queen`s Park – Ontario PC Health Critic, Jeff Yurek was in the Legislature today questioning the Wynne government`s continued attack on doctors and small business.

The changes the federal Liberals are proposing would see physicians stripped of the tax provisions granted by the provincial Liberals. It will create financial barriers for doctors to make investments in their practices, or continue to pay for staff and expenses incurred during absences such as maternity leave, or the physician’s illness. If the federal tax changes go through, it will cause massive financial implications on the province’s health care system and patient care will continue to suffer.

Question below:

“The Wynne government continues to stand by and do nothing while their federal counterparts bring forward proposed tax changes that are a direct attack to Ontario doctors and small business. For over three years this government has been using heavy-handed tactics in an attempt to contain physician costs, and now they stand by as the federal Liberals add to the province’s financial burden.”

“Once again the Wynne government has chosen to turn its back and continues to ignore the unintended consequences these changes will have on the Ontario taxpayer. The people of Ontario certainly do not need another battle between physicians and the province or the federal government at this time, which in the end will only hurt patients. Ontario taxpayers do not need an additional burden resulting from this short-sighted and discriminatory thinking.

“I urge you and Premier Wynne to advocate on behalf of our healthcare system and ensure the Federal government does not download these costs to our province.”


Video: https://youtu.be/pUKNkkiPS_0