MPP Yurek calls on government to take immediate action at the EMDC


August 17, 2017

MPP Yurek calls on government to take immediate action at the EMDC

ST. THOMAS – Today, MPP Jeff Yurek, Elgin-Middlesex-London is calling on the government to take immediate action and expedite the delivery of a body scanner, while granting correctional officers at the Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre (EMDC) the ability to carry the lifesaving drug, naloxone. This comes shortly after the facility’s 10th death announced this morning.

“The deadly opioid fentanyl has made its way into the London area and has been making its way into our correctional facilities unnoticed,” stated Yurek. “Correctional officers need to be given the tools that are necessary to assist stopping the flow of this deadly substance,” Yurek continued.

The EMDC is currently operating without a body scanner, and not expected to receive the equipment from the government until later this year. A scanner would detect drugs being smuggled into the prison, and in turn would help to reduce these incidents of overdose. To complicate the matter, guards at the EMDC do not carry naloxone, a drug that can stop an overdose and save lives.

Yurek has requested a meeting with the Minister to address his concerns.

“The EMDC is in a full blown crisis situation that if not addressed immediately could reach a tipping point.” continued Yurek. “The Wynne government needs to make immediate arrangements and get a body scanner into the Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre and naloxone into the hands of its correctional officers, before another life is needlessly lost.” concluded Yurek.