Yurek questions Minister on the Glanworth Underpass Bridge

Yurek questions Minister on the Glanworth Underpass Bridge

QUEEN’S PARK –This morning MPP Jeff Yurek rose in the legislature to question the Minister of Transportation on the design for Highway 401 & 4 (Colonel Talbot Road) Interchange Improvement project.

“Minister, over a year ago I raised an issue with the Ministry of Transportation regarding changes to Glanworth Drive, the underpass at the 401. Your predecessor, in committee, promised to listen and incorporate the suggestions and concerns raised by the local farmers and businesses in the final decision.  Minister they did not incorporate a single idea, and are now favouring an option to eliminate the underpass forcing heavy slowing moving farm equipment onto a busy highway.” Stated MPP Yurek

Regardless of the letters that have been exchanged between the Minister and MPP Yurek over the last year the Minister seemed unaware of the project and the concerns of the local community.

The Ministry of Transportation has been working on this project for a few years.  Roughly eight years ago, traffic lights were installed passed the bridge where Glanworth Drive crosses Colonel Talbot Road to Littlewood Drive.  This constituted a safe solution that allows vehicles to turn right or left as well as cross the road.  It created right angles to help eliminate blind spots characteristic of angled intersections.  This orientation has been an ideal solution that can accommodate large agricultural equipment and other industrial vehicles. The removal of this bridge would lead to a number of problems for local farmers and area businesses including a number of safety concerns.

“It is obvious that the ministry is trying to save money however, the design option they are favouring will endanger lives.  We have seen what happens when the Liberal Government tries to cut corners and not properly manage our roads through their failed winter maintenance plan.  The government needs to make the safety of all motorists their number one priority.”  Stated Yurek

MPP Yurek asked the Minister to intervene, listen and implement the concerns of the local farmers, businesses and municipalities.

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