Ryan’s Law Passes!

Ryan’s Law Passes!


QUEEN’S PARK – This morning in the Ontario Legislature with the support of all MPPs Ryan’s Law passed third and final reading today and will become law after receiving royal assent.

“Today is an exciting day for myself and Ryan’s mom, Sandra Gibbons.  It has been a long journey but the passing of this common sense piece of legislation will ensure all schools have standardized asthma policies.  Going forward, the one in five asthmatic children in Ontario can attend asthma-friendly schools.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all MPPs, supporters, especially the Ontario Lung Association, and Sandra Gibbons and her family for all their commitment, hard work, dedication and endorsements for Ryan’s Law.

With the passing of this bill it will allow all students in the province of Ontario to carry their relief inhalers on them while at school.  It will mandate all schools to develop comprehensive asthma policies to include strategies to help mitigate exposure to asthma triggers, regular training and education for staff, and a communication plan for dissemination of information on asthma to parents, pupils, and employees. This bill will ensure every child with asthma is protected no matter where they go to school” – Jeff Yurek, MPP, Elgin-Middlesex-London

“It is hard to find words to describe how I feel with the passing of Ryan’s Law.  Today holds a lot of emotion for myself and my family with the passing of Ryan’s Law.  It has been a long road to get here but it is a feeling of relief to know that all schools will have standardized asthma policies across the province.  This day means so much to me and I want to thank everyone for their support and advocacy in helping me raise awareness about asthma.”  – Sandra Gibbons, Ryan’s Mom 

“The Ontario Lung Association congratulates MPP Jeff Yurek and all members of provincial parliament for standing up for children with asthma.  We are privileged to have supported Sandra Gibbons along her journey and to have played a role in the formulation and passing of Ryan’s Law which will ensure that the 570,000 Ontario children with asthma have a safe school environment where they can learn and play.” – George Habib, President and CEO, Ontario Lung Association

“It is essential that children with asthma have ready access to potentially life-saving asthma medications while at school,” said Dr. Robert Oliphant, President & CEO of the Asthma Society of Canada.  “About 20 children die every year in Canada from asthma. Ryan’s Law helps schools work with parents and their children to ensure safe access to asthma medications when and where they are required. There is no doubt that this new law will lessen the likelihood of a child dying from an asthma exacerbation while in an Ontario school.” – Dr.  Rob Oliphant, President and CEO, Asthma Society of Canada

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