Ryan’s Law goes to Third Reading Debate

Ryan’s Law goes to Third Reading Debate 


QUEEN’S PARK – Tomorrow Ryan’s Law will be debated for Third Reading at the Ontario Legislature.

Ryan’s Law is named after Sandra Gibbon’s son who tragically passed away after suffering an asthma attack while at school.  School policy prevented him from carrying his relief inhaler.  The Ontario Lung Association and Sandra Gibbons brought this issue to MPP Yureks’ attention in hopes that legislative changes could be made to ensure healthy safe schools for asthmatic children. After researching the issue, it was found that school board policies vary across the province in regards to access to relief inhalers.

Ryan’s Law would ensure that all students with asthma be permitted to carry their relief inhalers at all times.  It would also require schools and school boards to adhere to a provincial standard when designing asthma policies.  Strategies would be developed to reduce asthma triggers at schools, educate teachers and parents about asthma, provide regular training to teachers and school employees, and maintain emergency protocols for students with asthma.

Ryan’s Law passed second reading on October 23, 2014.

“I am thrilled that Ryan’s Law will be debated for third reading tomorrow.  It is my hope that with the support of all MPP’s Ryan’s Law will pass third reading on Thursday Ryan’s law is a common sense piece of legislation that ensures the one in five asthmatic children are protected while they are at school.” – Jeff Yurek, MPP, Elgin-Middlesex-London


Ryan’s Law will be voted on Thursday, April 30th after Question Period for third and final reading.

“If Ryan’s Law passes third reading on Thursday it will standardize asthma policies across the province making all schools safer for our children” stated MPP Yurek.


“It has been a long road but I am very excited to see Ryan’s Law being debated this afternoon.  Ryan’s Law means a lot to myself and my family and we are thrilled that is has reached the final stages of the legislative process.  It has been my goal to raise awareness about the importance of asthma prevention, education and awareness and I want to ensure that all children are protected regardless of where they attend school.  It is my hope that all MPP’s support third reading of Ryan’s Law on Thursday.”  – Sandra Gibbons, Ryan’s Mom

“One in five students in Ontario schools has asthma. The passage of Ryan’s Law will ensure that our province’s schools are environments where they can learn and play in safety. The Ontario Lung Association looks forward to working with the Ministry of Education to implement the provisions of Ryan’s Law.” – George Habib, president and CEO, Ontario Lung Association

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