MPP Jeff Yurek Calls on the Liberals to get back to the Bargaining Table

ST. THOMAS – Home care services for vulnerable residents in Elgin-Middlesex-London have been operating at a reduced capacity because of Liberal mismanagement, said MPP Jeff Yurek.

“Health care professionals have been on strike since January 30th because the Liberal government has been unwilling to reach a deal with them since last March,” said Yurek.  “The Liberals have mismanaged provincial finances and have no idea how to balance the budget except by hurting health care providers and services.”

“Community Care Access Centres across the province have already been cutting back home care services – some by as much as 33 per cent – and completely eliminating care for some patients,” said Yurek. “Now thousands of vulnerable Ontarians have had home care services suspended and hospitals have seen bigger backlogs as patients who should be going home remain in hospital beds.”

MPP Yurek has met with members of the Ontario Nurses’ Association and wrote a letter to Minister Hoskins expressing the need for the Government to get back to the bargaining table.  “I am very concerned about the closure of the St. Thomas office during the strike and therefore have asked the government to get back to the bargaining table so that we can ensure Ontarians are receiving the health care services that they deserve.”  said Yurek.

“Important health services have been suffering because of the Liberal government’s mismanaged priorities,” said Yurek. “They thought nothing of spending $1.1 billion to cancel gas plants, a billion dollars for an eHealth system that never got off the ground, and nearly $2 billion for smart meters that failed to conserve energy. Yet they won’t invest in frontline health services and the people who provide those services.”

“It is incredibly cynical for the government to refuse to return to negotiations instead of working in partnership with health professionals,” said Yurek. “Are they just trying to save some money by not paying for nurses’ wages during a strike?”

“The Liberal government needs to agree to immediately return to the negotiating table and face up to their responsibilities,” said Yurek.


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