Ryan’s Law to Second Reading…Again

 Ryan’s Law to Second Reading…Again 

QUEEN’S PARK – Elgin-Middlesex-London MPP Jeff Yurek was joined by Sandra Gibbons and George Habib, President & CEO of the Ontario Lung Association to urge lawmakers to make Ryan’s Law a priority and pass it through the legislative process as quickly as possible.

Ryan’s Law is named after Ms. Gibbon’s son who tragically passed away after suffering an asthma attack while at school.  School policy prohibited him from carrying his relief inhaler.  The Ontario Lung Association and Sandra Gibbons brought this issue to MPP Yureks’ attention.  Through further research, it was found that school board policies vary across the province in regards to access to relief inhalers for students.   

Ryan’s Law would ensure that all students with asthma be permitted to carry their relief inhalers at all times.  It would also require schools and school boards to adhere to a provincial standard when designing asthma policies.  These policies would be required to have strategies to reduce asthma triggers at schools, educate teachers and parents about asthma, provide regular training to teachers and school employees, and maintain emergency protocols for students with asthma.

Ryan’s Law passed second reading previously on December 5, 2013.  However, it failed to proceed through committee deliberations in April due to minor concerns raised over some of the language in the bill.  MPP Yurek has made amendments to clarify these aspects of the bill before reintroducing it in July and says that this should alleviate previous issues and ensure its swift passage through the legislature.

Recently, MPP Yurek launched a website to build support and provide information on Ryan’s Law.  The website can be found at www.passryanslaw.com.


This bill will ensure that school boards adhere to a provincial standard when designing their asthma policies. It is our hope that Ryan’s Law will pass second reading today to ensure that every child in the Province of Ontario is protected no matter where they go to school.  I would encourage you to show your support by visiting my website www.passryanslaw.comto give your endorsement of Ryan’s Law.”  Jeff Yurek, MPP, Elgin-Middlesex-London

“There has been many who have heard of my son, Ryan Gibbons, passing away on October 9, 2012.  My goal is to get the message out to others so that they can understand how imperative having a relief inhaler available at all times is for all of our children. Ryan’s Law is not just about allowing our children to carry a relief inhaler, this bill is also about life saving education, general first aid, and most importantly recognition to the signs and symptoms of an asthma exasperation prior to it becoming a fatal asthma attack which, took the life of my son Ryan. In memory of Ryan, please open your hearts and help us prevent another unnecessary tragedy from happening to another family.” Sandra Gibbons

“One in five children in Ontario has asthma. We must take urgent action to ensure that our schools are places where they can breathe safely and easily. The Ontario Lung Association calls on all members of provincial parliament to protect our children by supporting the passage of Ryan’s Law.”  George Habib, president and CEO, Ontario Lung Association

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