Yurek Asks Premier to Commit to Ryan’s Law

QUEEN’S PARK – The Ontario legislature returned to normal business today with the resumption of Question Period.  In the rotation for the opening Question Period was Elgin-Middlesex-London MPP Jeff Yurek and he had one thing on his mind: Ryan’s Law.

Ryan’s Law is Yurek’s private members bill that aims to protect students with asthma.  It was introduced in fall of 2013 and passed through second reading with full party support.  Despite Mr. Yurek’s efforts to push the bill through committee before the spring election, the bill died on the order papers as all unpassed bills do when an election is called.

“It was certainly disappointing to not have Ryan’s Law get through the committee,” said MPP Yurek. “But I made a promise that if I was re-elected that I would reintroduce Ryan’s Law as soon as possible.”

Yurek used his opportunity in Question Period to try and get the Premier’s support for the bill.  In a majority government, opposition bills tend to be overlooked because the government ultimately determines the legislative agenda.

“I wanted to stress to Premier Wynne that Ryan’s Law is a viable and important tool to protect the 20% of students who have asthma,” said Yurek.

“The bill has been through the ringer in terms of committee deliberations and hearings.  I’ll be making amendments to strengthen the wording of the bill to reflect these committee discussions and be introducing it again in the coming week.

“I’ll I wanted was for the Premier to give me assurance that this important bill be put to the top of the agenda when the time came.”

While the Premier applauded Mr. Yurek’s efforts and acknowledged the importance of the bill, she stopped short of pledging her full support to get the bill passed quickly.  Yurek has vowed to keep pushing the government until the bill becomes law.

The question can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNf3cGC03Is.

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