QUEEN’S PARK – The government released the latest publication of the Sunshine List and PC Transportation Critic Jeff Yurek said it’s indicative of a government that’s becoming more and more bloated.

The five book list contains 97,796 which is up 82% from 2008 when the list contained 53,773 names. Yurek said that if you want to unravel the mystery behind Ontario’s ballooning debt and deficit, this list provides some clues.

“This list gets bigger and bigger every year,” said Yurek. “The current Liberal government talks about reducing the deficit but we current spend 55 cents of every dollar on salaries and all I see is this sunshine list continuing to grow.”

Yurek noted that Metrolinx – Ontario’s regional transit agency – is a prime example of unchecked cost increases. A total of 327 Metrolinx employees made the sunshine list including 10 GO Transit bus drivers and 14 mechanics. The top earning mechanic took home $121,479 while the highest paid bus driver earned $115,075.

“This government talks about saving the taxpayer money but they can’t even get control of their own agencies. Metrolinx has wasted millions on advertising during the Toronto International Film Festival and the Presto procurement debacle and yet they’re asking the taxpayer for more. This has to stop.”

Yurek said that the case for fiscal prudence and accountability has only grown stronger since PC Finance Critic uncovered documents indicating the Liberal government has tried to suppress $4 billion in additional costs.

“We need to get a hold of our agencies and government spending overall. We can’t keep piling more debt onto our children and grandchildren,” concluded Yurek.

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