ST THOMAS – A meeting to discuss the future of the St. Thomas & Eastern Railway was held today between multiple levels of government, Canadian National Railway, and other key stakeholders.  The agenda of the group was to determine options for keeping the vital rail-link in operation.

The St. Thomas & Eastern consists of 33.6 miles of railway between Delhi and St. Thomas.  It provides access to markets all over North America through interchanges operated by CN and CP.

In December, the rail line’s operator Trillium Railway announced the cessation of service along the railway.  They cited cost pressures related to necessary enhancements to the existing infrastructure as the reason for their decision.  The news has caused a regional economic development problem as a number of businesses throughout Elgin and Norfolk County rely on the rail link.

Since word first broke about the impending closure, MP Joe Preston and MPP Jeff Yurek have worked together with municipal politicians, economic development officers, potential investors, and other key stakeholders to try and devise a solution to keep the rail line in operation.

Both politicians were pleased with progress made at the meeting.  It was noted that all parties present were cooperative with some positive developments going forward.


“I was very pleased with today’s meeting.  We’re getting a clearer picture of what a successful resolution to this problem is going to like.  We have collaboration among all levels of government and some promising private sector interest in the project.  There are some clear deadlines and deliverables going forward which is quite encouraging.” – Jeff Yurek, MPP Elgin-Middlesex-London

“MPP Jeff Yurek and I were glad to gather all levels of government including federal, provincial and municipal levels as well as economic developmental stakeholders to gather the same information and deadlines that were provided by CN today.” – Joe Preston, MP Elgin-Middlesex-London

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