QUEEN’S PARK – On Wednesday, November 20, MPP Jeff Yurek introduced his Private Member’s Bill entitled Ryan’s Law (Ensuring Asthma Friendly Schools), 2013.

The bill, to be debated on Thursday, December 5, is named after Ryan Gibbons who tragically passed away at school just over a year ago after suffering an asthma attack.  In the wake of his passing, Ryan’s mother Sandra took it upon herself to raise awareness of the importance of asthma-friendly schools.

“After consultations Sandra, the Lung Association, and other stakeholders, my office has put together a bill that will help ensure the safety of children with asthma at our schools and ensure consistent asthma policies across the province,” said Yurek.

The bill – Bill 135 on the Legislative Order Papers – mandates that every school board develop a policy to help minimize exposure to asthma triggers.  It also requires an individual plan be developed for each student with asthma that outlines protocol in the event of emergency, a file with all current treatment information, and whether the pupil has physician permission to carry their inhaler at all times.

“By taking a two pronged approach whereby we try to create a school environment that minimizes asthma triggers and therefore risks of asthma attacks and allowing children to have their relief inhalers available at all times, I think we can ensure that every student with asthma will be safe at school.”

Yurek said he looks forward to the opportunity to debate his bill and raise awareness around the province about the importance of building asthma friendly schools.

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