Ontario PCs Release Plan to Save Horse Racing

ST THOMAS – Today the PC Party unveiled a plan to revamp the Ontario horse racing industry that the Liberals and NDP decimated with the passage of the 2012 budget.  MPP Yurek – whose riding is home to a number of horse breeders and farms – was pleased with the innovative plan.

The plan would form private-public partnerships in order to increase overall revenue for both industry and taxpayers.  It would also establish a new transparent, accountable, and affordable slots at racetracks program.

With their 2012 budget, the Liberal government put the industry on the chopping block.  The NDP Party supported this move by voting in favour of it.

“Our plan sets the industry up for success, while drawing on best practices in places like New York and Pennsylvania,” said Yurek. “The Liberals and NDP voted to kill horse racing but we think the industry represents a vital part of our rural heritage and has an important role to play in our future.”

Yurek noted that it’ not just jobs directly associated with horse racing that have been threatened by the Liberals’ decision.  The spin off jobs – including everything from grain processors to farm equipment dealers – account for 60,000 jobs.  At a time when of sluggish employment growth, Ontario cannot afford to lose these jobs.

I think the Liberal approach shows just how out of touch they are rural Ontario; and the NDP’s support of this misguided approach means they have absolutely no credibility on the issue. I’m proud to say that I’m a member of the only party that has put forward a practical plan to ensure the success of our horse racing industry,” concluded Yurek.

PC Party Plan:

  • Put an end to the Liberals so-called ‘modernization plan’s that intends to build 29 new casinos in Ontario.
  • Read-establish, but fix, a slots at racetracks program that will be transparent, accountable, and affordable to the taxpayer. Look to best practices in New York and Pennsylvania as models.
  • Form public-private partnerships with businesses that know how to run slot and other games to increase overall revenue that can be shared with the horse racing industry and the taxpayer.
  • Build off what is already working and successful. New gaming operations – like table games and sports betting – should go to horse tracks and not 29 casinos that aren’t even built.
  • Enforce strong accountability and transparency mechanisms around how the revenue is used, az recommended in the Sadinsky report.

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