MITCHELL – MPP Jeff Yurek joined other members of the PC Caucus today at the International Plowing Match and Rural Expo in Mitchell.  The annual event – taking place at Nulandia Farms – provides a weeklong opportunity to showcase the best in Ontario agriculture.

Yurek noted that with over 54,000 farms in the province contributing 13% to the GDP and providing over 165,000, Ontario’s economy rises and falls on the health of the agricultural sector.

“I’m proud to come from a rural riding in Elgin-Middlesex-London where I see first-hand the hard work of our farmers,” said Yurek. “Not only do they feed our cities but farming lies at the heart of culture and heritage.”

In a policy paper released in the spring entitled Respect for Rural Ontario, the PC Party outlined a practical vision to ensure a vibrant agricultural sector.  Yurek state that among other things, the PC Party would reduce the regulatory burden that often results in farmers spending more time filling out paperwork than out in the barn.

“It’s unacceptable when I hear that a farmer must obtain approval from almost six ministries just to build a barn.  We went our farmers to be able to focus on the business of farming and not unnecessarily constrain them.

“I’ve received very positive feedback on our policy paper and looking forward to discussing our vision with attendees of the plowing match this week,” concluded Yurek.

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