Good-Bye Trees, Hello Solar Farm

THORNDALE, ON – Today, MPP Jeff Yurek joined municipal councillors and community leaders to expose how the Liberal’s Green Energy Act (GEA) is wreaking havoc on Ontario’s landscape and Ontarians’ pocketbooks.

Speaking from the site of the Sunningdale Solar Project on Wyton Road, MPP Yurek highlighted the inconsistency between the Liberals’ ‘green’ developments and the environmental destruction they inflict. In addition to a number of trees to be bulldozed on the actual site, Ontario Hydro will be hacking down roughly two miles of mature roadside trees at taxpayer expense to build new hydro lines connecting the project to the grid.

Thorndale Solar Project 002This is not the first time that environmental protection has gotten in the way of the Liberals’ disastrous GEA.  In January, the Ministry of Natural Resources approved the destruction of a tree housing a bald eagle’s nest to make way for an unwanted wind farm development near Fisherville.

Area residents and municipal councillors maintain that environmental destruction is just one of the many factors that do not sit well with the Sunningdale project.  As with all projects under the GEA, the government ignored local decision making mechanisms despite the land being zoned for agricultural purposes.

MPP Yurek noted that in addition to the environmental destruction, Ontario ratepayers have felt the destruction of their pocketbooks.  While the Ministry of Energy declined to release contract specifics for the Sunningdale project, the OPA was paying a standard 44.5 cents/kWh for solar energy prior to changes made on August 26, 2013.  Even with recent changes to the fee structure, contracts signed prior to changes are guaranteed at the original rate for 20 years.

“Bottom line: the Liberals don’t care whether it destroys the environment or destroys our finances, so long as they’re in power, the Green Energy Act will not go away,” concluded Yurek.

Photo (L to R):

Rob Michitsch – resident, Marcel Meyer – Deputy Mayor of Thames Centre, Jeff Yurek – MPP, Jim Maudsley – Mayor of Thames Centre, Mike Bontje – Councilor for Ward 1, Angelo Suffoletta – Councilor for Ward 3, Dwayne Stevens – resident

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