QUEEN’S PARK – Driving requires your full attention is the message of the Drive Only…Never Text awareness campaign that was launched at Queen’s Park today.  MPP Jeff Yurek served as co-host as MPPs, injury specialists, accident lawyers, and insurance brokers took a pledge to put their cell phones away when behind the wheel.

After piloting the awareness campaign in Windsor, a coalition of campaign partners that include the Ontario Brian Injury Association, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA), Southland Insurance, and the Windsor Essex County Injury Prevention Coalition will be taking it across the province.

Catastrophic accidents arising from automobile accidents have debilitating and life-long consequences.  However, these injuries can be largely prevented through a commitment to safe driving.

In an age of constant connectivity, cell phones serve as one of the biggest distractions behind the wheel.  Studies show that texting while driving increases the chance of an automobile accident by 23 times.  Young people in particular have a propensity to text while driving.

With the launch of the Drive Only…Never Text campaign, organizers hope to encourage people to put away their cell phones when they’re driving.

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“We need to work together to make people aware of the dangers of texting while driving.  Driving deserves everyone’s fullest attention.  MPPs from all party lines have committed today to being ambassadors for the Drive Only…Never Text campaign and together, we can build a culture that encourages people to put their phone away when behind the wheel.” – MPP Jeff Yurek 

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