Liberals Look to Find More Ways to Tax Families and Businesses

QUEEN’S PARK – The PC Party continued to question the government today about internal documents detailing a broad array of new taxes, fees, and costs across various Ministries.

The PC Party first revealed the existence of government plans to raise additional money on Monday.  Today, PC Leader Tim Hudak and Finance Critic Peter Shurman laid out even more documents that outline nearly 50 new taxes, fees, and costs.

The proposed fees from the latest documents include:

  • a $140 to $1,110 fee for farm vehicle permits;
  • a $108 validation fee on passenger vehicles;
  • an $85 fee for seniors renewing commercial drivers’ licenses; and
  • a $4 processing fee for in-person fish and wildlife license renewals.

Elgin-Middlesex-London MPP Jeff Yurek noted that increased fees will put further pressure on the taxpayer and make it harder for businesses to expand.

“They’ve outlined fees to be imposed on businesses, homeowners, drivers and others,” said Yurek. “I have constituents in my riding that have told me they have tightened their belts in the last few years to live within their means.  They can’t understand why the government doesn’t do the same.”

Yurek went on to say that the PC Party has continually told the government that they have spending problem, not a revenue problem.

“This government has doubled the debt and increased spending this year by $3.6 billion.  The taxpayer already gives the government $117 billion a year in taxes and the now the Wynne government wants to go back to them for $270 million more.”

Yurek stated that the continued tax and spend approach of the past 10 years will only serve to hinder job creation in Elgin-Middlesex-London and put more pressure on household budgets.

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