Liberal-NDP Coalition Budget Dig Province Deeper in Debt

“It (the budget) meets the needs of the NDP.” – Minister Sousa on the 2013 Ontario Budget

QUEEN’S PARK – The people of Elgin-Middlesex-London will have to be satisfied with the status quo when it comes to the Liberal government’s high spending, job killing ways. “This budget shows that only a new team with a new plan and the courage to lead will get Ontario back on the right track,” said PC Deputy Finance Critic Jeff Yurek.

Yurek’s comments follow Thursday’s 2013 Liberal budget that, as expected, increases spending and the debt and entrenches the damaging anti-jobs policies of the McGuinty-Wynne era.

“Half a million people across the province are out of work.  In St. Thomas, over 6,000 of our neighbours have lost their jobs,” Yurek said. “Yet the Liberals are treating this like a game, fishing for NDP support. This province can’t afford pandering to political whims.  The PC party remains focused on driving an agenda that will reign in spending and create good jobs.”

Ontario can do so much better, Yurek stressed: “But we need to change the direction of our province. And for that to happen, we need to change the team that leads it.”

This budget draws a clear line in the sand, Yurek added.  The Liberal-NDP side continues to mortgage our children’s future, whereas the PC side lays out a vision for a strong, confident and prosperous Ontario.

“Every dollar of the nearly $11 billion paid in interest on the Liberals’ debt is money that won’t go to schools, hospitals or new investments in infrastructure. But the government has only made the problem worse by increasing spending.”

By contrast, only the Ontario PCs have a plan that includes ideas to enhance employment opportunities in the skilled trades, lower taxes, control hydro rates, restore the horse racing industry, and get government living within its means, Yurek said.

“We can give our children have a bright future right here in Ontario,” Yurek concluded.  “So let’s not wait any longer – let’s start today.”

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