QUEEN’S PARK – Today’s Auditor General Report confirmed what the Ontario PCs have asserted: the Liberals have understated the true cost of the cancelled power plants in the GTA, MPP Jeff Yurek said.

“The AG has confirmed the taxpayer’s bill for the decision to cancel the Mississauga gas plant is $275 – $85 million more than the amount the McGuinty-Wynne government originally cited,” said Yurek. “These additional costs reflect the efforts of the current government to suppress the true cost.”

Yurek added that the Auditor General found that cancellation costs were higher than they should have been because of political pressure from the Liberals. “Because the McGuinty-Wynne governments wanted to save five of their seats, the public’s stuck with paying for two power plants, but only getting one.”

While we finally know the cost of the Mississauga gas plant, the investigation is far from over, continued Yurek, adding that the Liberals’ cover-up continues on the Oakville gas plant cancellation.

“Even though documents say otherwise, Premier Wynne continues to deny knowing anything about the Oakville cancellation. To make matters worse, the Liberals keep telling taxpayers that the cancellation will only cost $40 million, while independent energy experts estimate that it could cost over $800 million,” said MPP Yurek.

“From shutting down the Legislature, to withholding documents on three occasions, the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals have been attempting to skirt accountability. With hydro rates set to rise on May 1st, ratepayers in Elgin County deserve to know how much they’re paying for cancelled gas plants in the GTA.

“They continue to disrespect the taxpayer by dragging their heels when it comes to the question about the cost of the Oakville plant,” concluded Yurek.

“It is clear that the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals can’t be trusted with taxpayers’ money.”

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