Building A Healthier Ontario


ST THOMAS – Ontario has the ability to build a healthier Ontario by giving families the care they need when they need it in a cost-effective manner PC MPP for Elgin-Middlesex-London Jeff Yurek said today. 

Yurek made the comments after the release of the Ontario PC Party’s 10th policy discussion paper entitled A Healthier Ontario.  Through these discussion papers the PC Party continues to lay out a vision for a better Ontario.

“We pride ourselves in Ontario for having on of the best health care systems in the world,” said Yurek. “However, we must acknowledge that the cost of health care is rapidly expanding beyond our ability to pay for it.  We are laying out this practical series of policies to ensure Ontarians will always have access to the best health care possible.” 

Health care costs have grown consistently by six to eight per cent a year despite Ontario’s economy growing at less than half of that.  The PC plan envisions a system that encourages innovation and a more holistic approach to health in Ontario.

“One of the big focuses is to address chronic disease as our leading health care challenge,” stated Yurek. “Chronic disease should not be an afterthought of a system designed around acute care.  If we can do that, we can relieve the pressure on our acute care services and enhance the overall health of Ontarians.” 

The approach to health care over the last nine years has failed to deliver on key targets.  Today, Ontario has LHINs but local health care isn’t integrated.  Ontario also has eHealth, but no electronic health records.

“We want to lay out a new approach; one that would treat the health of Ontarians in a holistic manner and put more resources and authority in the hands of front-line health professionals.”  

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