ST THOMAS – As part of Dalton McGuinty’s team, Premier-designate Kathleen Wynne stood by and watched as unemployment soared above the national average – and remained there for six straight years, PC MPP Yurek said today.

“Ms. Wynne’s experience comes from nine years serving McGuinty’s government.  During her tenure, half a million Ontarians lost their jobs in the private sector but she continued to grow spending and throw fiscal restraint right out the window,” Yurek said. “She’s offering the same tried-and-failed policies of the past nine years.”

“We’ve seen billions of taxpayers’ dollars wasted on things like eHealth, ORNGE, and two cancelled gas plants.  As a key member of McGuinty’s cabinet, Ms. Wynne helped direct this tax and spend approach.  Now she wants to be Agricultural Minister for a year; such a decision just shows how out of touch with Ontario she really is.”

Like her Liberal colleagues, Wynne won’t even recognize that she left Ontario with a jobs and debt crisis, Mr. Yurek continued.

“Our province is in desperate need of change.  We need new ideas to get people back to work.  Ideas like selling slot licenses to the horse racing industry, opening up public construction projects to competitive bidding, or removing the burdensome College of Trades.  These are all ideas Wynne as a cabinet minister has rejected outright.”

Yurek concluded, “The PC Party will continue to offer an alternative path back to prosperity.  The simple truth is that Ms. Wynne subscribes to the same McGuinty playbook and our province can no longer afford it.”

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