QUEEN’S PARK – The PC Party will stand up for the over 60,000 horse racing jobs McGuinty is determined to eliminate MPP Jeff Yurek told an enthusiastic crowd of hundreds of horsemen gathered at Queen’s Park this afternoon.

The rally was held to show support for MPP Lisa MacLeod’s legislative motion calling on the Auditor General to review the OLG’s new gaming plans.  The PC Party has been critical of the OLG’s plan to end the Slots at Raceway Program as it would result in the forfeiture of $1 billion the slots provide the government to fund health care and education and put 60,000 people out of work.

“The decision is devastatingly misguided and was made for completely political reasons,” said Mr. Yurek, “Our party in fact uncovered documentation that shows McGuinty made the decision to end the program even before he received an economic impact study.”

The riding of Elgin-Middlesex-London is home to a large number of horsemen that have raised, trained, and raced horses for generations.  Yurek was also quick to point out that the spinoff employment from horseracing extends far beyond the track.

“My riding is home to one of the largest breeders in Canada,” Yurek told the crowd, “and they provide a massive chain of employment from farmhands, to veterinarian services, to major grain and feed suppliers; the OLG’s decision is further proof that McGuinty doesn’t understand basic economics and is intent on turning his back on ruralOntario.”

MacLeod’s motion is set to be debated and voted upon in the afternoon session. 

“Ending the Slots at Raceway Program is poor public policy.  It’s time we have the objective Auditor General step in to peel back the layers of this grossly political decision.”

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