Yurek Calls for Response on ODSP


QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Jeff Yurek made a statement in the provincial legislature today urging Minister John Milloy to provideSt. Thomaswith a definitive answer regarding the city and county’s request for a postponement on the closure of the ODSP office.  The Minister recently announced the office would be closed with services moving to London.

The statement comes after Mr. Yurek along with Mayor Heather Jackson and County Warden Bill Walters met with the Minister at last week’s AMO conference.  The Mayor and Warden presented Milloy with a proposal that would keep the office in St. Thomaswhile finding additional savings for the ministry.  The proposal requested a postponement on the established closure date of the office in October in order to engage in further stakeholder consultations.

“Our municipal leaders presented this proposal to the Minister at the AMO conference last week but did not receive a commitment one way or the other,” Yurek told the legislature.

Over 3,000 people make use of the services offered by the St. Thomas ODSP office.  With many of these individuals unable to drive, moving the office toLondonwould effectively cut them off from this service.

“Unfortunately, after 9 years of mismanaged finances, the government is beginning to unilaterally cut front line services hoping people will not notice… what I’d like to do is call on Minister Milloy to grant an extension on the closure date of the ODSP office in St. Thomas so that collaborative consultations can show him that money can be saved at the Ministry money without sacrificing this vital service,” concluded Yurek. 

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