Local Citizens Honoured With Prestigious Diamond Jubilee Medal

Member of Parliament, Joe Preston and Member of Provincial Parliament, Jeff Yurek, joined together Friday evening to honour 44 exceptional members of Elgin-Middlesex-London, with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

The Diamond Jubilee Medal celebrates the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. It recognizes those in the community who have, like Her Majesty, dedicated themselves to the service of others. Honouring those who have shown outstanding volunteerism, community involvement and entrepreneurial achievement.            


“Our riding is a much richer place with citizens like our recipients,” said Preston. “I am proud as the Member of Parliament, to work alongside these outstanding community supporters.”

“These people form the strong foundation on which our community is built.  Their selfless and tireless service embodies the true spirit of volunteerism and make this a better place for all of us to live and work,” added Yurek.

Hundreds of nominations were received in the riding during the nomination process making it extremely difficult to choose the 44 recipients. The recipients span the County of Elgin, the Municipality of Thames Centre and South London. 

The following, are the recipients of the Diamond Jubilee Medal:

Lynn Acre (Municipality of Bayham- CommunityInvolvement), Etienne Borm (Municipality of Bayham-Entrepreneurship), Shirley Broadbent (City of St. Thomas-Volunteerism), Helen Campbell (City of St. Thomas- CommunityInvolvement), Terry Carroll (City of St. Thomas- Community Involvement and Entrepreneurship), Paul Corriveau (City of St. Thomas- Community Involvement and Entrepreneurship), Keith Danbrook (Town of Aylmer-Contributions to Heritage), Jean Davis (Municipality of Thames Centre- Volunteerism), Kenneth C. Emerson (Municipality of Bayham- CommunityInvolvement), Tammy Ford (Municipality of Central Elgin-Community Involvement), Kelly Franklin (Township of Malahide- CommunityInvolvement), Ray Gilleno (Municipality of Thames Centre- Veterans), David Gionet (City of St. Thomas-Contributions to Canada through the C. A. F.), Helen Haddow (Municipality of Central Elgin-Community Involvement), Abe Harms (Town of Aylmer- CommunityInvolvement), William Horn (Municipality of Central Elgin-Community Involvement), Allan Hughson (Municipality of Central Elgin-Community Involvement), Geoffrey Jell (City of London-Veterans), Harley Lashbrook (Municipality of West Elgin-Heritage), Donna Lunn (Municipality of Central Elgin-Agriculture), Clifford Maxwell (City of St. Thomas- CommunityInvolvement), Robert McCaig (Township of Southwold- CommunityInvolvement), Grace McGartland (Municipality of West Elgin-Community Involvement), Norma McMillan (Municipality of Dutton-Dunwich- Community Involvement), Duncan McPhail (Municipality of West Elgin-Community Involvement), Ken Monteith (Township of Southwold- CommunityInvolvement), Megan Muscat (City of St. Thomas- Paralympian), Trudy Nieuwland (Municipality of Thames Centre- Volunteerism), Lucy Ogletree (Municipality of Central Elgin- Humanitarian), Stephen Peters (City of St. Thomas- CommunityInvolvement), Jannette Popp (Municipality of Central Elgin- Special Olympian), Bob Purcell (Municipality of Dutton-Dunwich- Community Involvement), Dianne Purcell (Municipality of Dutton-Dunwich- Community Involvement), Roberto Quai (Municipality of Central Elgin-Entrepreneurship), Marjorie Rimnyak (Town of Aylmer-Volunteerism), Duncan Sinclair, Sr. (Town of Aylmer- CommunityInvolvement), Lorne Spicer (Township of Southwold- CommunityInvolvement), Harris Teall (Municipality of Bayham- Community Involvement), Cathy Topping (City of St. Thomas- CommunityInvolvement), Helen VanBrenk (Municipality of Dutton-Dunwich- Community Involvement), Andre VanKasteren (Town of Aylmer- Heritageand Agriculture), Ken Verrell (City of St. Thomas-Volunteerism)