(St. Thomas,ON) – Last evening, MPP Jeff Yurek hosted his first Public Information Meeting to discuss the recently announced OHIP fee cuts.  The event was held at the St. Thomas Seniors’ Centre with over 60 people in attendance.

Eight ofElginCounty’s doctors from various specialties were on hand to present how the fee cuts will affect the services they offer and answer questions from community members.  Discussion ranged from fee cuts, to health spending, to access to care.

“It was a very healthy discussion,” said Mr. Yurek, “I was glad to see so many people come out to give their point of view.  Some very relevant issues and suggestions were put forth.  These are the kinds of things I can take to Minister Deb Matthews to advocate for wise spending and responsible cuts.”

Preliminary results from a survey distributed from Mr. Yurek’s office suggest that most people feel administration costs are one of the biggest drivers to health care spending.  Other general comments suggested that too much money has been siphoned of by wasteful debacles such as the ORNGE scandal.

“What was clear is that everyone respects the fine work our doctors do in the community.  I think one of the key takeaways from the evening is that the Ministry needs to get its priorities straight and address the real problem of misused funds.  The Ministry needs to be managed responsibly so that its budget focuses on front-line care workers and treating patients, not paperwork and excess bureaucracy.  To do that, they need to get back the negotiating table witht he doctors,” said Yurek.

“I want to thank the doctors for all the hard work they do and all the community members who came out to share their thoughts.  It is encouraging to have the community come together to have a candid discussion on the issues that affect our lives,” concluded Mr. Yurek.


Doctors in attendance: Dr. James Menlove – Anaesthesian, Dr. Kyle Brydon – Opthamologist, Dr. Tome Sheidow – Opthamologist, Dr. Suzanne Muise – Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr. John Hofhuis – Family Physician, Dr. Kellie Scott – Family Physician, Dr. Kevin Mardell – Family Physician, Dr. Michael Toth – Family Physician