Public Information Meeting: Health Care and You

Moderator: Jeff Yurek, MPP

Recently, my office has received many calls and letters regarding the government’s announcement to cut OHIP fees for certain health care services.  The announcement caught many by surprise and has raised concern over the availability of these services.  I will be hosting a Public Information Meeting this Monday that will feature myself, a panel of doctors, and is open to any citizen wishing to attend.  This meeting is an opportunity for you to express your concerns or offer your opinion and ideas on the matter.  I feel it is important that we as a community come together to have an open and healthy

discussion about this issue.  So I invite you to come out next Monday so that we may examine this issue.

Jeff Yurek, MPP


Location: St. Thomas Seniors’ Centre, 225 Chestnut St., St Thomas,ON

Date: Monday, June 25

Time: 6 pm


  • How can the government save money without cutting essential services?
  • How will the cuts affect you? A panel of local doctors will be on hand to present the future of health care and answer your questions.

For more information, feel free to contact Jeff Yurek’s Office at 519-631-0666.

Coffee and snacks will be served.