(Queen’s Park,Toronto) – Yesterday afternoon, MPP Jeff Yurek made a statement recognizing the Rosy Rhubarb Festival in Shedden.  Mr. Yurek attended the weekend event that attracted visitors from as far away as Florida and showcased the rhubarb baking prowess of the rural town.

“Twenty years ago, a small group of people gathered together with an idea to promote the small rural community of Shedden and also raise some money for a new community complex,” Mr. Yurek told the Legislature.

Mr. Yurek attended the kick-off on Friday where the best tarts, muffins, pies and other rhubarb infused baked goods were entered in a bake off.  The winning entries were auctioned off on Friday evening and kick-started a weekend of fun, community spirit, and fundraising.  The festival has raised over $800,000 for the community since its inception.

In addition to recognizing the festival, Mr. Yurek brought some of the treats that have put Shedden on the map to share with his colleagues.

“I have brought strawberry-rhubarb pie for the PC, NDP and Liberal caucuses. Remember to think of Rosy when you enjoy your pie,” Mr. Yurek announced referencing the Rosy Rhubarb costume that one of the festival’s founders Gary Carr masqueraded around in during the early years of the festival.

The Honourable Dave Levac – not wanting to miss out on Shedden’s finest – replied with, “I hope the member doesn’t forget the Speaker, either.”