(Queen’s Park,Toronto) – MPP Jeff Yurek voiced support for PC Party Leader Tim Hudak who called out the Liberals for playing politics with health care by cutting funding for six hospitals, five of which are located in PC ridings.

“Can the deputy leader explain why he cancelled projects in PC ridings but is putting a $1.2-billion mega-hospital into the city of Windsor?  Why won’t you do the right thing and move projects forward based on their merits…your budget is partisan pork barrelling at its ugliest,” charged Hudak to Minister Duncan.

In Elgin County, the St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital (STEGH) was one of the victims of eight years of reckless Liberal spending.  The current Liberal budget reneged on a promise Minister Matthews made in August to provide full funding for the hospital’s redevelopment project.

“I was really disappointed when I heard the Minister had to backtrack on her promise.  Had her government managed Ontario’s finances more wisely, these cancelled projects could have been more than just empty election promises,” remarked Yurek.

“A PC Party would manage the budget responsibly to ensure that adequate funding be available for projects like the STEGH.  It’s absolutely shameful that the McGuinty government would waste billions of dollars over the last eight years, deplete Ontario’s treasury, then go around making spending promises before and during an election campaign, and then pull funding in the ridings they don’t win.”

Mr. Yurek met with Minister Matthews two weeks ago to gain some insight on the STEGH project.  The Minister did not provide any clarity regarding the amount of funding the hospital will receive.

Despite the Liberals’ lack of transparency on the amount of available funding, Mr. Yurek acknowledged the good work of local leaders in the matter.

“I must commend Paul Collins as well as Bill Walters and Heather Jackson for their continued efforts in this matter.  I’m trying to stay optimistic and will continue to maintain open dialogue with the Minister.” 

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