(Queen’s Park,Toronto) – MPP Jeff Yurek stood up today to inquire whether the Premier would do the right thing and dismiss Minister Matthews given her negligence and mismanagement at air ambulance provider ORNGE.

Due to the hard work of the opposition, revelations continue to come to light about the disgraced air ambulance provider.  Despite Minister Matthews and her government’s continued resistance to forming a select committee to investigate the matter, the opposition has been able to make progress.  However, the opposition parties remain bewildered by the Premier’s refusal to dismiss Ms. Matthews from her post despite evidence of her negligence and gross mismanagement. 

“Premier, in the real world, when you fail to do you job, you lose your job.  Your minister has failed to do her job.  Will you finally call a select committee on ORNGE and fire the minister?”

Mr. Yurek’s question revolved around revelations that former Liberal Party President Alfred Apps communicated with the Premier and the Minister ORNGE’s plan to establish for-profit business ventures that were beyond the organization’s mandates.  It was through that web of for-profit companies that ORNGE was able to embezzle millions of taxpayer dollars.

Regarding these communications, Mr. Yurek remarked to the Premier, “It should have raised flags, what they were requesting to do. You were being told ORNGE was expanding beyond its main mandate, and either you blatantly accepted the information being provided or you failed to do your job and ask appropriate questions.”

“Premier, why was the reassurance from the former Liberal Party president all that was necessary for your government to forfeit oversight on ORNGE?”

The PC Party continues to advocate for the establishment of a Select Committee to adequately investigate the matter.  The Liberals alone have the ability to authorize such a committee.

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