McGuinty Government Continues to Ignore Doctor Shortage Problem in Rural Ontario: Yurek

(Queen’s Park,Toronto) – Last week MPP Yurek highlighted the McGuinty government’s ineffectiveness to ensure underserved areas have enough doctors to meet the needs of residents. 

In a statement delivered to the house, Mr. Yurek referred to the Dutton/Dunwich area which has seen all but one of their doctors leave the area.

Referring to the shortage, Mr. Yurek said in his statement, “This leaves the current doctor overworked and leaves many other patients unable to have a local doctor and having to travel far distances toChathamorLondonfor a physician. The Dutton area would be in a real predicament if they were to lose their one remaining doctor due to volume burnout.”

MPP Yurek called on the government to review the criteria it uses to locate doctors in underserviced areas.  Circumstances in Dutton/Dunwich and other communities across the province are untenable.  McGuinty and his caucus have so far taken no action to address this problem.

 “The last thing anybody wants is further crowding of existing emergency waiting rooms in surrounding hospitals.  It’s time to take this problem head on formulate real solutions.”

 Mr. Yurek also commended Dutton’s remaining doctor – Dr. Peter Sharman – for his commitment to the community. 

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