Back to Work in Queen’s Park

Drummond Report to be Focal Point of Upcoming Session

(Queen’s Park, Toronto) – Today, the provincial legislature resumed for the spring session. MPPs from across the province congregated back in Queen’s Park for what will likely be an exciting session with much debate anticipated on the recently released Drummond report.

“The PC Caucus and I have been eager to get back to work doing what the people of my riding and ridings across the province have elected us to do,” said MPP Jeff Yurek, “to keep Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals accountable and get them to acknowledge and address the real problems that affect hard-working, everyday people.”

In advance of the new session, Yurek expressed concern with Dwight Duncan’s recent pledge to renege on a fair and mutually beneficial revenue-sharing agreement between the OLG and the horse racing industry.

The horse racing industry employs 60,000 people directly and indirectly and generates $1.5 billion per year in economic activity. This activity not only lines the government coffers but also provides many employment opportunities within rural communities.

“Despite no mention of eliminating this agreement in Drummond’s 700 page report, Duncan and the Liberals seem committed to putting unnecessary pressure on rural Ontario” said Yurek

“Basically, after eight years of the Liberals’ inability to control their irresponsible spending, McGuinty commissioned Drummond to prescribe some medicine,” remarked Mr. Yurek, “and now, the Liberal’s are going through and drawing attention away from Drummond’s actual recommendations all in an effort to avoid taking their medicine. This is their report – their silver bullet to reign in the deficit – and yet they don’t want to stand behind it.”

Yurek reiterated that if the Liberal’s are out of ideas, they’re welcome to use the PC Party’s.


• The OLG slots at racetracks program is a successful revenue-sharing agreement that allows for the placement of slots at racetracks while supporting the horse-racing industry which employs 60,000 people directly and indirectly and generates $1.5 billion per year in Ontario – Ontario Horse-Racing Industry Association

• The operation by the OLG of slots at racetracks generates proceeds that fund municipalities, support a $1.5 billion horse-racing industry, and turn a yearly operating profit of $935 million for the OLG – OLG Annual Report

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